Take Control

Education is the best prescription! Yes, there is hope as many great doctors, scientist and other professionals continue to develop, promote and support natural health.

The discovery of the powerful healing benefits coming from foods and nutritional supplements have been known and widely used to reduce and even treat disease for centuries but have been globally suppressed due to the inability to patent and profit from natural substances.

Medical doctors (MD’s) can have as little as 3 weeks training in nutrition, out of their 7 + years of education. Maybe this is why traditional medicine today is failing so many, inefficient and 70+ years behind nutritional science.

“If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.”

~Thomas Jefferson

In addition to the years I practiced nutrition and personal training in Paris, France; I have just emerged from an intensive three year period, in which I have spent over 3,500 hours reading, studying, researching, practicing and advocating ‘alternative medicine’ and ‘nutritional science’. I have experienced personally and witnessed countless others whom have also benefited enormously from both. People need help now and this information can save lives, so please share it with others you know.


If you want optimal health and total bliss; take control of your life. Sacrifice and lifestyle changes are required but you now have the power and resources to help you. My gift to you – the Health2Heal protocol. For pain elimination, not pain management… your doctors don’t want you to know about.


Health2Heal (prevention & healing) protocol – consists of all the things I did (in the order I did them) to restore my health. All the healing methods I have learned from natural health professionals, including MD(H) are based on two fundamental principles: Nutrition and Detoxing.


Some other diseases that respond very well to this protocol are autism, cancer, candida, chronic fatigue, diabetes, fibromyalgia, lupus, lyme, heart, MS, parkinsons…


I include some links of recommended products, but just remember quality is extremely important.


Candida Cleanse

I didn’t know what was wrong with me but my symptoms sounded like candida.

I bought XXX on the internet and after a day or two on this product, I started to feel better. But still after a year on these natural supplements and a no sugar or carbohydrate diet, I was still sensitive to these foods.

Antifungal Herbs

After taking a stool test in France that determined I had over-growth of candida, I started on antifungal herbs.

Came back to US to be with my father and discovered  the book The Germ that Causes Cancer, by Doug A. Kaufmann. I started taking all the natural antifungals herbs: Olive Leaf Extract, Caprylic acid, Pau d’arco, Garlic both fresh and Aged Garlic Extract, Oregano oil, Grapefruit extract and eat carrots.

These antifungal herbs helped a lot but when you have systemic candida, cancer or even pathogens, you have it in your blood stream, the antifungal herbs won’t be enough to rid the problem but just keep it at bay.

Hydrogen Peroxide IV

I saw an advertisement in AZ, promoting IV Hydrogen Peroxide treatments it said effective for treating yeast syndrome, fungus, viruses… so, I took 11 treatments (one a week).  After the 8th treatment I started to feel a difference and was less sensitive to food i.e. I could eat more fruit.  I also did my first Colonic Therapy and I felt amazing! By the 11th treatment, I was confident I was on the road to recovery and that started a journey that changed my life. Not only did I get better, but I started to learn from other patients that shared their health stories. You can see some of them on Dr. Josephs YouTube channel.

MMS drops

I was told about Jim Humble and MMS.  I bought Jim Humbles book and some MMS drops for $20 and have since learned that the MMS works very similar to Hydrogen Peroxide IV therapy in that it kill off foreign substances in the body that shouldn’t be there like fungi and pathogens… why it works so well for malaria, cancer, AIDS, hepatitis, etc.  Hydrogen Peroxide therapy and mms are helpful in cleaning up your body so your immune system can work better but a healthy diet is needed or the benefit from treatment could be temporary.

Juicing organic produce & coffee enemas

I met a patient while getting my IV Hydrogen Peroxide treatments who told me about a friend of hers who had breast cancer and was doing the Gerson Therapy to treat naturally.  I contacted the Gerson institute and asked if I could attend the caregiver workshop in exchange for video taping it and some patient testimonials.  After this  life changing experience, I bought a Norwalk juicer and started juicing and doing coffee enemas.  My heath improved even more, I had more energy and was now less sensitive to food, I could even eat bananas.  If Dr. Max Gerson’s protocol works for cancer and other life threatening diseases, it was go enough for me!

Amalgam (mercury) fillings

I had all my amalgam fillings removed after learning at the Gerson caregiver workshop and film ‘Beautiful Truth’, how toxic and damaging these fillings are.  I found a dentist that took precaution taking them out; but now that I know more about it, I wish I had gone to a holistic dentist.

Rebounding & cleanse

I attended a Longevity Now Conference of David Wolfe and this brought my knowledge of health to a whole new level of awareness.  I bought his Longevity Now Program and followed it with remarkable results. Can’t possible share everything here but three VERY important elements I want to share is rebounding, you must get a high quality one (to avoid injuries)  and use it daily; parasite cleans for 100 days without stopping; and MSM as supplement.

Zapper & grounding

I became an admirer of David Wolf and continue learning from his work daily through his newsletter. I bought a zapper soon after his conference and wear it often. It helps brake up (kill) parasites including spirochet. Grounding technology such as grounding sheets are great but going barefoot on the beach, grass and wherever possible is key to neutralizing the body which everyone desperately needs because of all the EMF pollution.

Infrared sauna

I did around 6 rounds in infrared sauna to help my body detox more, I think it really helped.  I learned after from Dr. Mercola, that taking NON time release niacin helps release toxins from your fat… wish I had know this before.

EDTA/Chelation therapy

I read in the longevity now program and then later from other top medical professionals of the importance of riding the body of heavy metals such as Mercury, Aluminum, Lead and other toxic metals; as well as calcification build up.  I completed a round of 9 treatments of EDTA for heavy metals from the same doctor I did the IV Hydrogen Peroxide and again hit a higher level of amazing health and wellness.  Six months later (August 2011), I  started  IV chelation therapy to brake down calcification.  What I have since learned from studying and working with alternative health professionals, is that chelation is a magical therapy that can brake down mycoplasmas, serious and very difficult infections.  Chelation seems to be beneficial in treating Lyme disease, which is spirochet (parasite); and also helpful for heart  disease, blocked arteries, arthritis… and LONGEVITY!

Recommended supplements

(only buy top quality)- I recommend everyone take probiotics daily (many good brands out there not as expensive), vitamin D (better yet is the sun without toxic sunscreen), good multi-vitamin (I change it up but like Garden of Life RAW Beyond Vitamins & Minerals), pharmaceutical grade fish oil. Of course getting your nutrition from quality food is the best and why not try supper foods, Goji Berries, Spirulina, Chlorella and my favorite RAW cacao powder : )

A voilà

you have my 3500 hours of research and experience summed up, now it is up to you.  Please remember, the key to maintaing amazing health and total wellness is your diet and cleaning up your immune system. Eat as much RAW organic produce as possible, cleaned with some food-grade hydrogen peroxide to kill parasites. Eat more vegetables and less fruit but eat fruit first so it doesn’t ferment the food already in your stomach; and always work at detoxing your body…lots of toxins out there.

I wish you the very best health and if you benefit from the Health2Heal protocol, please let me know… I would love to hear and share your health story! [email protected]