In Loving Memories & Honor of My Father

I hope that my story and those of the generous people who have shared theirs, will help you, your family, friends and loved ones overcome illnesses and just as importantly, prevent them from entering your lives!

It is my deepest regret that I didn’t know about the immense benefits of nutritional healing and the many alternative treatments discussed and presented here on my website in the form of testimonials and blogs. Had I known about them and the great importance of a ‘healthy immune system’ as the sole means to cure diseases including cancer, my father might still be here today.

What I have experienced personally with conventional medicine (allopathic), has profoundly motivated me to do what I can to stop the great injustice being done to people in America and beyond.

Malissa Stawicki

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I suffered from a systemic candida infection that went undiagnosed by over 8 different conventional doctors in France and the US, including the renown Mayo Clinic in Arizona. Living in a moldy environment and taking antibiotics is what brought on my chronic condition and I have since heard the same story over and over from others whom have experienced the same outcome.

Many natural (holistic) doctors believe the over-use of antibiotics is contributing greatly to the epidemic of autoimmune and other grave illnesses. Lets face it, antibiotics are given in abundance to the animals we eat and the first thing prescribed when one goes to the doctor.

What happens is the good bacteria is wiped out by the antibiotic and yeast being an opportunistic organism takes over. If one does not get this under control quickly, the new environment becomes a feeding ground for pathogens; and parasites thrive in these conditions.

A healthy immune system will keep in balance healthy yeast levels necessary for optimal health; however people with serious problems with their immune system (such as aids, autism, cancer, autoimmune diseases, etc.), often suffer with yeast hypersensitivity syndrome/candidiasis (Candida). Pharmaceutical drugs, the lack of proper and quality nutrients and a very toxic environment (chemicals, mold, EMF’s, etc.) are obstructing the natural healing defenses of our immune system.

When my father was diagnosed with lung cancer I had yet to learn about the connection between a healthy immune system and the great importance of detoxing the body. It wasn’t until just before his death I discovered this widely known, yet secretive world of alternative medicine and the power of nutritional science. By then it was too late for my father, the traditional cancer treatment of chemo and radiation had destroyed all hopes of life and ultimattely brought his to a quick and devastating end.

The research that I have since conducted and the information I have since obtained, has lead me down a new path that I am grateful to have discovered.

If I can help educate and encourage you to take your life and health into your own hands and possibly prevent an early and devastating loss of a mother, father, friend or loved one, my fathers death will not be in vain and this great effort worth it.

Seeing is believing… if you have a story you wish to share, need assistances in achieving great health or have any questions please email me Malissa Stawicki: [email protected]

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